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aluminum paste pigment coating silver paste

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Vacuum metallized aluminium pigment 
Vacuum metallized aluminium pigment in form of solid suspension in solvent . It can give coatings
chrome-plating effect . Compered with traditional leafing or non-leafing aluminium paste,it is very

different in following areas:
1.It has structure comprising of very thin aluminium flakes.Small dosage of this pigment can achieve better metallic effect than traditional alumimium paste.
2.The aluminium flakes have very smooth surface,leading to high reflectivitiy and mirror-like effect
of coatings that is uncompetable by using regular aluminium paste.
3.Distinguished adhesion between layers can be achieved by this series.
4.Combined with using of appropriate transparent pigments or chromatic coatings, a high class,
colorful metallic effect can be created with this vmp aluminium suspension.
For paints:
1.Rim and rim cover of cars and motorcycles, reflective parts of lights ,motorcycle,and bicycles,
internal accessories of cars ,plastic coatings for electronics,cosmetics,timers,and toys,and leather
2.Recommended dosage:2.5% to 5% of total paint formula. Suitable for various resin systems of plastic coatings an metal coatings.
3.Final effect is highly influenced by smoothness of substrates.
For gravure printing inks:
1. Paper printing,especially smooth paper surface where mirror effect is required.
2.Surface printing or reverse printing of plastic films,such as film of PET,PP,PE,PVC,etc. Choose
of resin system is critical to particular substrate. It has good compatibility with a wide range
of resins.
3.Recommended dosage is 25%to 35% of total ink formula.

For screen printing inks:
1.It is suitable for various substrate,such as plastics ,glass,film,etc.Appropriate resin system
should be used for different materials. Reverse printing on transparent materials ca produce very
good mirror effect.
2.Recommended dosage is 30%t 50% of total formula of inks.
Aluminium content:10%-15%

Caution & Note:
1.Choose of thinner: BCS, use thinner in PET/PMMA
2.Caused by the different proportion of pigments, resins,agents and additives,before use, it must be evenly stired since the compositions in the ink will be layered after store, after evenly stired,it can be directly used for printing.
3.Because of its low viscosity, the 25-300 mesh silkscreen is suitable for printing.
4.Squeegee rigidity in 70-80 degrees and the angle from 60 to 70 degrees is recommended. The printing area can cover 25-35 m2 when use 300 mesh silkscreen. 
5.Self-dry in 10 mins or by baking in 15mins at 60-200℃
Construction Description
1.Thoroughly stir it before use.
2.Before spray, make sure the surface of materials clean by dust elimination,oil disposing,,water elimination.
3.Spray the film evenly, pervious to light is allowed.
4.n order to make better mirror effect, spraying a layer of protective paint on the mirror-effect paint is recommended to enhance the resistance to scratch and antiwear.
5.Better mirror effect showed in the condition of hot spray ( baking glass to the temperature around 30℃)
6.Clean and cool working place recommended, high temperature and humidity or polluted circumstance not allowed

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