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High quality floating aluminum pigment for aerosol spray paint

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Aluminum silver paste 6um chrome plating effect aluminum silver paste paint imitates electroplating non floating PAHs environmental friendly fine white aluminum silver paste. Aluminum silver paste is a very unique effect pigment, which can be divided into floating type, non floating type, electrodeposited silver, imitation electrodeposited silver, baby silver, mother of pearl silver, medium flash silver, strong flash silver, etc. It is composed of very smooth and thin scale structure, with high covering power of small particle size, strong coloring power and clear color. It integrates density and whiteness, and can make the surface coating produce elegant, soft and mirror like optical metal effect. Product specification: particle size (150-4500 mesh) product use: coating, ink, building materials, crafts, printing, paper industry, home appliances, toys, etc. Instructions for use: the aluminum silver paste is first soaked with 1 / 2-1 times the amount of paint solvent, and then stirred at a low speed to form a slurry like uniform dispersion, and then gradually added in the mixing state without resin, solvent, additives, etc. Avoid ball milling or high-speed stirring to avoid damaging the shape of aluminum silver paste.

Product features: silver paste, easy to disperse, excellent covering power, uniform particle size distribution, smooth and delicate surface, strong metal effect and angular color effect, and heat and acid resistance. Precautions: the aluminum silver paste should be kept away from sunshine and rain in the sealed state, and kept in a dry room (below 35 ). Please use it as soon as possible, and after use, it should be completely sealed to prevent the volatilization of solvents and additives; to avoid blackening and oxidation caused by the drying of the paste.
1. Imitation silver plating series: excellent brightness, metal sense and covering power.
2. Silver flash series: with unique flashing effect and metal sensitive brightness, it is widely used in automobile paint, motorcycle paint, bicycle paint and high-quality industrial paint.
3. Fine silver series: excellent whiteness, covering power and metal effect.
4. Floating aluminum paste: it has better reflection of visible light, infrared light and ultraviolet light, and has higher anti-corrosion ability.

Widely used in packaging color printing, printing and dyeing, fabric silver printing, coating, paint ink, printing, screen printing, printing and dyeing, crafts, plastic, silica gel, paper industry, fluorocarbon paint, plastic, leather and other industries.

matters needing attention:
1. Not exposed to the sun or rain;
2. It shall be kept in a dry room (below 35 );
3. Aluminum silver pulp will react with acid, alkali and strong oxidant, so it should be stored in isolation;
4. The storage time should not be too long. After unpacking and using, it should be completely sealed immediately to prevent oxidation;
5. If the storage time is too long, please check before use;
6. When using, it should be stirred slowly, too fast stirring will destroy the surface coating of silver paste;
All the products are packed in 25kg steel drum, which is convenient for transportation and storage.

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