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Non-floating anticorrosive aluminum silver paste

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Aluminum silver paste is also called aluminum powder paste, because its silver white phase is often called silver paste, but it does not contain metallic silver components. Its main components are aluminum flakes, solvents and auxiliaries, in the form of paste. It is characterized by the covering and anti-corrosion performance of the paint film formed by the aluminum sheet, the metallic luster, excellent light reflection ability, and the unique “heterochromatic effect with the angle” of the metallic pigment. The non floating aluminum silver paste can be mixed with the transparent color pigment, and the decoration effect is very gorgeous and beautiful.

When the non floating aluminum silver slurry is grinded with oleic acid and other lubricants, the aluminum flake can be completely wetted by the paint in the wet film of the paint, so as to evenly distribute in the whole film. Compared with floating aluminum silver paste, non floating aluminum silver paste has better adhesion performance, which is suitable for the second coating performance of primer, and can be mixed with transparent pigments to produce colorful decorative effect. According to the shape, particle size distribution, diameter thickness ratio, smoothness of aluminum particles, and the degree of parallel orientation with the substrate surface, the types of ordinary non floating aluminum silver slurry are fine white aluminum silver slurry, high brightness silver aluminum silver slurry, flash aluminum silver slurry and imitation electroplating aluminum silver slurry.

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