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Non-floating fine automotive paint aluminum silver paste

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Aluminum silver paste:
Aluminium silver paste is a kind of pigment. It is specially processed and surface treated, so that the surface of the aluminum sheet is smooth and smooth, the edges are neat, the shape is regular, the particle size distribution is concentrated, and the matching with the coating system is excellent. The average particle size curve is strictly controlled and has good coverage performance under appropriate formulas.
English name:  Aluminum silver paste,
Alias:  Aluminium paste, flash silver paste, silver paste, Aluminum powder.
Main ingredients:  snow flake aluminum particles and petroleum solvent. in a slurry state.
Features:  The surface of the aluminum sheet is smooth and flat, the particle size distribution is concentrated, the shape is regular, and it has excellent light reflection ability and metallic luster. It is mixed with transparent color pigments, and the paint film has obvious “flop effect”, and the decorative effect is very beautiful.
Color:  silver

Fine white aluminum silver paste,
flashing aluminum silver paste,
imitation electroplating aluminum silver paste,
waterborne aluminum silver paste,
electroplating silver series,
mirror silver series,
Uses:  widely used in coatings, paints, inks, leather, coatings, decorative materials, masterbatch and plastics.

1.Why choose us?
 the largest specialized manufacturer of metallic pigments in  
China.We have our own raw material manufacture workshop, which completely ensures the quality and lead time.
2.How long can be stored?
 Please strictly follow our instructions. Normally our products is 1 year quality guarantee.
3.Could you provide OEM products for ourselves?
 We have our own D&R team and technicians, so that we could provide personalized products and
 service according to different customers’ requirements.
4.How do you control the quality?
We have passes the ISO9001 quality management system Certificate. We strictly carry out accordingto the quality system in every aspect of the production process
5.Can you provide products that is environmental friendly?
 We have passed ISO14000 Environmental management system certificate of conformity. Our
 Aluminum is environmental friendly, such as waterborne aluminum paste, which adopts the advanced technics, which also comply with environmental detection of indicators.

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