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  • Non-leafing aluminum paste manufacture

    Non-leafing aluminum paste manufacture

    Product Description
    With the backing of our experts, we are included in exporting and supplying best nature of Leafing Aluminum Paste. The offered Leafing Aluminum Paste is of incomparable quality and accessible in the business sector at sensible rates. This Leafing Aluminum Paste is made of best quality material furthermore tried for their incomparable quality under the supervision of our qualified specialists.

    Conservative costs
    Durable development
    Longer administration life
  • Non-Leafing Aluminum Paste 1100

    Non-Leafing Aluminum Paste 1100

    To cater the variegated demands of our prestigious clients, we are the prominent supplier to offer a wide range of product to our clients. Our offered product is precisely designed and using the best grade basic material and modern technology. The provided product is highly appreciated by our clients owing to its optimum strength and durability. Furthermore, to avoid any flaws, the offered product is tested by our quality controllers on various quality parameters.
  • Aluminum paste—for paint

    Aluminum paste—for paint

    Aluminum paste is an aluminum pigment that is made into very thin scales by crushing and polishing high-purity aluminum powder or foil as the main raw material. The flake shape and particle size are uniformly controlled, and the surface of the aluminum scales is uniformly coated with fatty acids, so they are evenly arranged in the coating film.

    The characteristic of aluminum paste is
    1) Excellent characteristics that block external gas, moisture, light rays, etc. and protect the object to be coated from rust, etc.
    2) Beautiful appearance
    3) Weather resistance of the coating film
    4) Good growth and economical
    5) Light weight
    6) There are features such as no danger in handling.

    It is mainly used as a pigment for paints and printing inks, and recently, water-based paste products and products with better color development and functionality have been developed to protect the environment.
    アルミニウムペーストとは、純度の高いアルミ粉や箔を主原料に粉砕・研磨し、非常に薄い鱗片状にしたアルミ顔料のことです。 フレーク形状や粒度が均一にコントロールされ、アルミ鱗片表面は脂肪酸で一様にコーティングされているため、塗膜中で均一に配列します。

    6)取り扱い上の危険性がない 等の特長があります。

    알루미늄 페이스트는 고순도 알루미늄 분말 또는 호일을 주원료로하여 매우 얇은 스케일로 만들어지는 알루미늄 안료입니다. 플레이크 모양과 입도를 균일하게 제어하고 알루미늄 스케일의 표면에 지방산이 균일하게 코팅되어 코팅막에 균일하게 배열됩니다.

    알루미늄 페이스트의 특징은
    1) 외부 가스, 습기, 광선 등을 차단하고 코팅 대상물을 녹 등으로부터 보호하는 우수한 특성
    2) 아름다운 외관
    3) 도막의 내후성
    4) 좋은 성장과 경제적
    5) 경량
    6) 취급에 위험이없는 등의 특징이 있습니다.

    주로 도료 및 인쇄 잉크의 안료로 사용되며 최근에는 환경 보호를 위해 발색성과 기능성이 우수한 수성 페이스트 제품과 제품이 개발되고 있습니다.
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    1. We only produce aluminum paste(or you could name it silver pigment).(No aluminum powder.No aluminum flakes.)
    2. The aluminum paste we produce is not okay for water based coatings.

    3. The aluminum paste we produce is used: A ship anti-corrosion paint, B steel structure paint, C ink paint.
    4. The advantages of the aluminum paste we produce: low cost, stable quality, and a large domestic share.
    5.Interested? Contact us now!Please save my contact information (maybe you need it someday).

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    @Emai Adress:hnhfly@outlook.com;shhsea@foxmail.com
  • non-leafing aluminium paste

    non-leafing aluminium paste

    Characteristics The non-leafing aluminium paste is bright with fine fraction size and hiding power, which has a good decorative effect. It’s widely used for marine paint, hammer paint, primer of electromechanical products and regular industrial paint. As well as umbrella leather coating usage.   The non-leafing aluminum paste is consisted of scaled shape aluminum powder and solvent oil by special treatment, used in hammer lines lacquer with good anti-corrosion property. It can also be used in...
  • Non-floating fine automotive paint aluminum silver paste

    Non-floating fine automotive paint aluminum silver paste

    Aluminum silver paste: Aluminium silver paste is a kind of pigment. It is specially processed and surface treated, so that the surface of the aluminum sheet is smooth and smooth, the edges are neat, the shape is regular, the particle size distribution is concentrated, and the matching with the coating system is excellent. The average particle size curve is strictly controlled and has good coverage performance under appropriate formulas.   English name:  Aluminum silver paste, Alias:  Aluminiu...
  • Non-floating anticorrosive aluminum silver paste

    Non-floating anticorrosive aluminum silver paste

    Aluminum silver paste is also called aluminum powder paste, because its silver white phase is often called silver paste, but it does not contain metallic silver components. Its main components are aluminum flakes, solvents and auxiliaries, in the form of paste. It is characterized by the covering and anti-corrosion performance of the paint film formed by the aluminum sheet, the metallic luster, excellent light reflection ability, and the unique “heterochromatic effect with the angleR...
  • aluminum paste pigment coating silver paste

    aluminum paste pigment coating silver paste

    Characteristics Vacuum metallized aluminium pigment  Vacuum metallized aluminium pigment in form of solid suspension in solvent . It can give coatings chrome-plating effect . Compered with traditional leafing or non-leafing aluminium paste,it is very different in following areas: 1.It has structure comprising of very thin aluminium flakes.Small dosage of this pigment can achieve better metallic effect than traditional alumimium paste. 2.The aluminium flakes have very smooth surface,leading to...
  • Aluminium resin paste pigment for solvent based metallic oil Paint

    Aluminium resin paste pigment for solvent based metallic oil Paint

    Package Packing: 25kgs metal drum of good integrity with plastic inline where applicable. Storage Keep lids tightly sealed. Store in cool and dry place in tightly closed lid. Keep away from heat and direct sunshine. Prevent formation of dust. Ensure good ventilation. After long time storage, the paste becomes drier than before.Please recheck the products before use to avoid any loss. Transportation Handle gently, and no acute collision. Transport in strict accordance with local transport regu...